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School Productions and Dance


FlipBox Productions is excited to give your school or dance studio an easy way to earn some extra money! FlipBox will videotape your production or dance recital, sell professional DVDs of the event for affordable prices, and let you keep up to 25% of the sales! This means that you can help us sell the DVDs and earn money for your studio, and preserve your dance recital memories at the same time!

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FlipBox Productions will videotape your event and provide you with a professional-quality DVD. This video will include both:

1. A "mixed" version of the event—a mix between a wide shot and a close-up shot of the action.
2. A custom menu—you can easily navigate through the video through custom scene selection menus.
3. High-quality video images and clear audio, and a custom designed DVD case.

FlipBox Productions typically sells a 2-hour event DVD DVD for $25. If the school coordinates the sales of the DVD then the school can keep $5 of each DVD sale!


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FlipBox Productions Information Sheet (pdf)



Act now if you are interested in booking FlipBox Productions to tape your event! To take advantage of this fundraising opportunity, or if you would like more information about the program, please contact us at (513) 298-1125.


Phone/Fax: 513-298-1125

E-mail: info@flipboxproductions.com

Address: 507 Heritage Green Drive, Monroe OH 45050


* Because of copyright laws, we must obtain permission from the publisher of each song in order to sell videos of concerts or plays. Therefore, the coordinator must provide FlipBox Productions with a song list, ISBN #s, and publisher information of all songs being performed. It  might take some time to contact publishers. Therefore, please get this information to a FlipBox Productions representative as soon as possible.


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